About Us

Zen Stax was created in a series of days, but the story behind it runs deep.

I am a mom of two boys (soon to be three!) and am a third-generation Los-Angelean. I have been a professional SCUBA diver, an ER/trauma nurse, and now work in business strategy.

I have always been a self-proclaimed "food connoisseur" and have traveled the globe enjoying all kinds of foods. I am especially drawn to rich (think truffle risotto) and sweet (I am addicted to tiramisu).

In the early 2000s health became a priority for me. I was a SCUBA diver and training for some technical dives that are extremely taxing on the body, so it was important to be in really good shape. Shortly after, I was introduced to The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, which scientifically discusses the benefits of a plant-based, vegan diet. 

At first I was reluctant to adopt a vegan diet, especially considering my love of food. But when I realized how much better I felt, how my athletic performance improved, I was hooked.

Fast-forward and I have raised a vegan plant-based family.  A vegan plant-based family who loves pancakes. I mixed my love of gourmet flavors with my family's love of pancakes and created new pancake flavors almost every weekend.  Now I make them available to you , without all of the hassle of gathering ingredients, mixing the batter, doing the extra dishes AND trying to make them healthy.  We have provided a pour-and-flip solution!