1. How long will my batter last?

We freeze our batter which gives it an unlimited shelf life.  However, if we are shipping your batter a far distance, the weather is hot when your batter is being shipped, or if the batter sits out a long time before you receive it, it may defrost.  We recommend cooking your batter within 5 days of defrosting.

2.  How should I defrost my batter?

Defrost in in the refrigerator and cook within 5 days.


3.  When will I receive my pancake batter?

We typically fulfill shipping orders Monday-Wednesday to ensure batter is not sitting in a hot truck over the weekend, so expect delivery any time between Tuesday and Friday the week after you order.  You will receive a shipping notification from us so please keep an eye out so that your pancake batter isn't sitting out for a long time.

For local pickup orders, you can arrange to pickup at your convenience from Porter Ranch.  We will let you know when the batter is ready and can be flexible with your schedule.

For local delivery, we will contact you as soon as we know our delivery schedule.

Please reach out to order@zen-stax.com if you have any additional delivery questions or special requests.

4.  Do you host events?

We do!!!! We cater birthday parties, corporate employee appreciation pancake breakfasts, holiday events, and events for non-profits (we donate a portion of sales).  Please contact sari@zen-stax.com for more information or to reserve a date.